Hikvision rg59 Cable With Power 100M

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Hikvision rg59 Cable With Power 100M


Hikvision rg59 Cable With Power 100M


The expert’s option for CCTV systems is the Hikvision RG-59 Coax cable. By connecting the RG-59 Coax with the 18/2 power for a single cable pull, it offers both video and power. Additionally, it saves time and money because installers can use a single cable to power and transmit footage to security cameras. Both simple analogue TV antenna feeds and AHD CCTV systems can use it. This cable saves time by combining the power and video cables into one jacket rather than requiring you to run two separate lines.

The Hikvision RG59  wire is frequently used to link CCTV cameras. Another name for this wire is “Siamese coaxial cable.” A 2C power cable and an RG59 cable have been combined to create this cable. This kind of cable allows you to concurrently run the power and video for your security cameras, thereby halving the installation time. This cable works well in both indoor and outdoor settings.

High quality, professional cabling

The siamese cable meets professional technical standards. Wrapped together in one cable is an efficient RG59 video data transmission wire and a DC 2-core power cable. The coaxial conductor is a thick 20 AWG (0.81mm) Copper Clad Steel (CCS 21%) wire.

Robust cabling for any environment

Designed to be used indoors or outdoors, this Nordstrand 500ft coaxial CCTV cable is ideal for monitoring systems in houses, businesses, schools or public areas. As each reel contains a single 500 ft length of cable, it can be used to connect a single distant camera or multiple closer ones.

The RG59 CCTV cable’s braided shielding is built to protect against long wave megahertz interference. This makes it suitable for signals with lower frequencies, such as those below 50 MHz. Typically, composite or component video signals are utilized with it. Because of this, a closed-circuit television (CCTV) video surveillance system would be wise to use it. 

  • Professional quality RG59 siamese cable by Nordstrand for use with most CCTV camera systems, including surviellance cameras
  • Each reel contains 500 ft of 20 AWG RG59 coaxial cable with a DC dual-core power cable
  • Transmits both data and power
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use
  • Supplied on wooden reels for easy storage and installation


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