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Azure SQL Edge - 3 years

Azure SQL Edge - 3 years

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Azure SQL Edge - 3 years

Azure SQL Edge, a robust Internet of Things (IoT) database for edge computing, combines capabilities such as data streaming and time series with built-in machine learning and graph features. Extend the industry-leading Microsoft SQL engine to edge devices for consistent performance and security across your entire data estate, from cloud to edge. Develop your applications once and deploy them anywhere across the edge, your on-premises datacenter, or Azure.

Technical Specifications

Azure SQL Edge extends the industry-leading performance and security of Microsoft SQL engine to the intelligent edge. Optimized for IoT gateways and devices, this small-footprint container provides real-time insights with built-in streaming, storage, and support for AI. Develop your application once and deploy anywhere across the edge, your datacenter, and Azure.

It hosts a Built-in data streaming and time series, with in-database machine learning and graph features for low-latency analytics

Azure SQL Edge supports two deployment modes.

Connected deployment through Azure IoT Edge: Azure SQL Edge is available on the Azure Marketplace and can be deployed as a module for Azure IoT Edge. For more information, see Deploy Azure SQL Edge.

Disconnected deployment: Azure SQL Edge container images can be pulled from docker hub and deployed either as a standalone docker container or on a kubernetes cluster. For more information, see Deploy Azure SQL Edge with Docker and Deploy an Azure SQL Edge container in Kubernetes.

You should be aware azure provides data processing at the edge for online, offline, or hybrid environments to overcome latency and bandwidth constraints

It is easy to deploy and update from the Azure portal or your enterprise portal for consistent security and turnkey management

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