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Micron Laptop RAM DDR4 8GB 2666

Micron Laptop RAM DDR4 8GB 2666

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The Affordable Upgrade
It’s simple: More memory makes your PC faster. Crucial® Basics Memory is the affordable upgrade for anyone with a sluggish system. Crucial Basics Memory is 100% component and module tested, and comes with a limited 10-year warranty. Quick installation, instant results, and lasting reliability — all at an affordable price. That’s why Crucial Basics Memory is an easy way to improve performance and extend the life of your PC.

Instant Results
When you upgrade your computer’s memory, it begins to perform up to the level of your expectations — or even better. Load programs faster, improve responsiveness, multitask smoothly, and run data-intensive applications with ease — especially web browsers.

Quick Installation
Memory installation is as easy as opening your computer, locating the memory slots, and popping the modules in. That’s it.

Lasting Reliability
Adding memory is an upgrade you only need to do once. No updates, no new versions, nothing
to download — just faster performance that extends the life of your PC, backed by a limited
10-year warranty

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