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Seagate Skyhawk Hard Drive 4TB Surveillance

Seagate Skyhawk Hard Drive 4TB Surveillance

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Seagate SkyHawk Hard Drive 4TB Surveillance 


The Seagate SkyHawk Hard Drive 4TB Surveillance is an ideal storage solution for surveillance systems, providing exceptional reliability and performance in demanding environments. With a massive storage capacity of 4TB, it easily stores long hours of high-quality video footage captured by IP cameras, video recorders, and other surveillance devices.

Designed specifically for surveillance purposes, this hard drive features rotational vibration sensors that help reduce the degradation of video quality due to vibrations. With up to 64 cameras supported simultaneously, the SkyHawk ensures smooth and uninterrupted recording of multiple streams of high-definition footage.

This surveillance hard drive operates on 24/7 basis, enabling continuous surveillance monitoring without any disruptions. It is equipped with advanced caching algorithms, which further enhance the drive's performance when multiple cameras are streaming video footage.

Apart from superior reliability and performance, the SkyHawk hard drive also boasts enhanced data protection in the event of power loss or system failure. Its embedded power management technology allows for optimal power consumption, thereby reducing power wastage and heat generation.

In addition to the drive's hardware capabilities, SkyHawk also includes firmware tailored specifically for surveillance applications. The firmware ensures compatibility with leading surveillance software platforms, including surveillance-oriented analytics and use cases.


  • ImagePerfect™ firmware is designed to ensure seamless video footage capture in 24×7 surveillance workloads that record video from 64 HD cameras.
  • SkyHawk Health Management actively helps protect your surveillance storage by focusing on prevention, intervention, and recovery options. Included is RAID RapidRebuild™, which provides 3× faster volume rebuilds over traditional RAID rebuilds.
  • Unparalleled data protection with included 3-year Rescue Data Recovery Services plan, helping protect important video data with Seagate’s in-house data recovery services.
  • RV sensors built in allow drives to maintain performance in multi-bay systems, giving customers the flexibility to scale their systems when more storage is needed.
  • ATA streaming support enables recordings from up to 64 HD cameras for smooth, uninterrupted footage.
  • Lower power consumption means a reduction in heat emissions, which improves the reliability of surveillance solutions. Tarnish-resistant components help protect drive from environmental elements, increasing field reliability

Installation of the drive is easy and straightforward. The SkyHawk surveillance hard drive is compatible with a wide range of surveillance systems, including NAS and DVR systems, as well as various security camera configurations. This versatility makes it an excellent choice for both new installations and upgrades of existing systems.

The Seagate SkyHawk Hard Drive 4TB Surveillance is also fully backed by Seagate's reassuring 3-year warranty plus 2-year Rescue Data Recovery Services. Additionally, SkyHawk users can access the Seagate Rescue Data Recovery plans, which provide additional peace of mind should any data loss occur.

In summary, the Seagate SkyHawk Hard Drive 4TB Surveillance is a reliable, high-performance, and cost-effective storage solution designed specifically to meet the needs of video surveillance. Its massive storage capacity, compatibility with various systems, and advanced features make it an excellent choice for system integrators, installers, and end-users in need of reliable surveillance storage. 

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