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Online Shopping For All Your IT Products from Second hand computers, Laptops, Desktops, Printers, Networking Tools and Computer Accessories At Vertexhub Shop in Kenya.

Are you looking for a laptop shop in Nairobi, Kenya which offers easy online shopping? is the best laptop shop in Nairobi,Kenya. As a leading online computer shop in Nairobi, Kenya we aim to provide you with an Outstanding and user-friendly online shopping experience by offering a wide selection of products like laptops andsecond hand computers in Kenya.

Our website is fully stocked up with the latest new and secondhand laptops in Nairobi where you can shop by category, the best deals and well elaborated information that will help you understand different products easily. Our in-store / pickup store designs are based on keen studies of customer shopping behavior, customers needs and how fast customers can spot what they are looking for.


Where can I find Computer Stores near me?

Buy New, Secondhand Computers at the Best Laptop shop in Nairobi,Kenya. Get HP, Dell, Lenovo Laptops, monitors, accessories, PCs, and Servers for sale from the best buy computer store in Kenya.We are your trusted  online computer store ,where you can buy the best laptops.

Vertexhub Online Computer shop in Nairobi, Kenya

We aim to make online shopping fun thus we are here to serve you and make it easy for you to shop online stress-free, by supplying you with the best and most affordable best Brand New, and Refurbished laptops, desktops, printers, networking tools, and all other computer accessories  in the office, school, or home. strives to be the  No°1 leading laptop shop in Nairobi, Kenya for easy convenience and you get nothing but the best!

Our products are of the highest quality and trusted by leading companies and individuals in Nairobi and all over the country like small businesses, local governments, students, IT professionals, programmers, gamers, and electronic device customers have relied on us for all their ICT needs.

We have in-store products from top renowned brands such as HP,  Dell,  Lenovo, monitors, as well as second hand computers for sale in Kenya at discounted prices, which means you can buy all your favorite manufacturers preferred products right from our online computer shop near you.



We deliver countrywide within 24 hrs right to your doorstep or a courier station near you and 2hrs delivery around the CBD after an order is placed, thus guaranteeing you of receiving your package safe, fast and very secure.  Our recent pick up station is along Kimathi Street, Old Mutual Building 2nd floor. 

For inquires Call Us :  0111320773

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