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Epson EcoTank Monochrome M2140 All-in-One Ink Tank Printer

Epson EcoTank Monochrome M2140 All-in-One Ink Tank Printer

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Introducing the Epson EcoTank Monochrome M2140 All-in-One Ink Tank Printer

In the ever-evolving landscape of printing technology, the Epson EcoTank Monochrome M2140 stands as a beacon of innovation and efficiency. This all-in-one ink tank printer is engineered to meet the demands of modern businesses and home offices alike, offering a remarkable combination of performance, economy, and sustainability. With its sleek design and impressive feature set, the M2140 redefines the printing experience, setting new standards for convenience and cost-effectiveness.

Effortless Productivity

The Epson EcoTank M2140 is a workhorse designed to keep pace with the most demanding printing needs. It boasts an impressive monochrome print speed of up to 20 pages per minute, making it ideal for a wide range of applications, from printing reports and documents to creating marketing materials. Whether you're tackling a large print job or need a quick copy, this printer delivers consistently sharp, professional-quality output.

Unmatched Cost Savings

One of the standout features of the M2140 is its revolutionary EcoTank technology. Unlike traditional inkjet printers that rely on expensive cartridges, this printer utilizes a high-capacity ink tank system. With the included bottles of pigment ink, you can print up to an astonishing 6,000 pages before needing a refill. This not only reduces the hassle of frequently changing cartridges but also significantly cuts down on your printing costs, making the M2140 an economical choice for businesses seeking to optimize their budget.

High-Resolution Printing

When it comes to document clarity, the Epson EcoTank M2140 excels. With a maximum print resolution of 1200 x 2400 dpi, it reproduces text and graphics with exceptional sharpness and precision. Whether you're printing text-heavy documents or intricate diagrams, your output will consistently maintain a professional and polished appearance. Say goodbye to faded, blurry prints, and embrace the pristine quality that the M2140 delivers.

Versatile All-in-One Functionality

The M2140 isn't just a printer; it's a versatile all-in-one solution. In addition to its exceptional printing capabilities, it serves as a copier and scanner, streamlining your office tasks. The built-in flatbed scanner allows you to easily digitize documents and images with scanning resolutions of up to 1200 x 2400 dpi. You can effortlessly copy multiple pages, resize documents, and even reduce or enlarge them to meet your specific requirements.

User-Friendly Design

Epson has designed the M2140 with user convenience in mind. Its intuitive control panel features a user-friendly interface, ensuring that even those without technical expertise can operate it effortlessly. The large LCD screen provides clear instructions and status updates, making it easy to monitor your printing tasks. With its compact footprint, this printer fits seamlessly into any workspace, helping you optimize your office layout.

Seamless Connectivity

The M2140 offers multiple connectivity options to accommodate various devices and workflows. It supports USB and Ethernet connections for seamless integration into your existing network infrastructure. Additionally, it comes equipped with Wi-Fi Direct, allowing you to print directly from your mobile device without the need for a network. The Epson iPrint app further enhances your printing experience by enabling remote printing and monitoring from your smartphone or tablet.

Sustainability at its Core

Epson is committed to reducing its environmental footprint, and the M2140 reflects this commitment. With its refillable ink tank system, you not only reduce plastic waste but also minimize the energy consumption associated with frequent cartridge replacements. The printer is ENERGY STAR® certified, demonstrating its energy efficiency and eco-friendly design. By choosing the M2140, you're not only saving money but also contributing to a more sustainable future.


The Epson EcoTank Monochrome M2140 All-in-One Ink Tank Printer is a game-changer in the world of printing technology. With its remarkable speed, cost-saving capabilities, and user-friendly design, it's the perfect solution for businesses and home offices seeking to boost productivity without breaking the bank. Its high-resolution printing, versatile functionality, and commitment to sustainability make it an investment that pays dividends in both quality and savings. Upgrade your printing experience today with the Epson EcoTank M2140 and experience the future of printing technology firsthand.

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